What is Oasis Wolves?
Oasis Wolves is a unique collection of 1111 wolves living on the Oasis Network. The project is focused on the long term growth with an exclusive rewards program for holders (giveaways,airdrops). And donations to conservation, and research centers dedicated to wolves recovery in the wild.
After weeks of hard work, we already have the project ready for the launch! We have made this project to LEVEL UP the NFT ecosystem of the network. We believe it's a good time for Oasis network to have its first 3D collection. And what better way to do it with an original and unique art inspired by mythology.
We are fervent believers in the Oasis ecosystem, and want to offer the best quality NFTs of the network with varied utilities,and with the aim of having a high level welfare with the community.
This is just the beginning...
Last modified 5mo ago
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